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DO WHAT FEARS YOU I cannot beileve myself, when I found out that I am afraid of many things apart from butterflies. The New term I got is acrophobic . it is cool when I use such scientific terms . Because of this I am unable to enjoy many of the beautiful adventurous things in the world. I wanted to go for sky diving,bungee jumping ,roller coster rides woooohh.. no way… I cannot. Something is resisting me from getting them  This butterfly effect is gonna drive me crazy. Yesterday  ,I somehow managed to get into a  small rollercoster , just to start  getting used to heights and get  rid of my fear and there comes the butterflies in my tummy. ‘Experiments have shown that infants and young children are naturally cautious around heights. This suggests that people are born with a dislike of heights’
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When I took First Runner Up Crown " Malayalee Manka 2016"

Creek Riderz

Creek Riderz,
Memories for a life time.  We all met unexpectedly, and became very close in seconds. Introducing the Gang, I will start with my bestie Levin.
Short, Fair n Handsome guy, who was my classmate when I was doing my graduation. We were not very close then. He was the silent snail, slow slow and really slow. I used to "never bothered" about him actually. LOL. But when I came to know that he is coming to Dubai, I was in full of joy, and I still do not why I felt very special that I am gonna get one of my classmates here. I had so many plans for taking him around. I still remember that day I met him after 4 years at Deira City Center Mall . He was waiting for me, outside the mall and I took him to Starbucks Cafe for a coffee. They forgot to put sugar and poor Levi he just drank it full saying its fine. Ha Ha okay so this is just the beginning. But then gradually he became my best best best friend. ( Excusing that he cheated me few times) even though I came to know…

A Berry Ride to the Green House of Dubai

One fine day, Mr.V took me for a ride, something unplanned and unexpected. He took me to a greener place . I mean, in Dubai, I never expected to see so much green, come on its a desert. Yes, you can see few plants here and there or some garden but not a dense forest like this. I couldn't believe my eyes when he took a turn and dived in to a road that was so empty, quiet and refreshingly green with two sides of the road full of big bushy trees, and grass.

I was literally OMG! I looked him with sparkling eyes full of green, what a breathtaking view?
I am sorry, i forgot to tell you all that we were in Al Barari - in Dubai. A best place to spend some healthy time with family and friends. He took me to the best place. He always does that to my  endless surprises.Al Barari is must visit place, if you visit Dubai.

( "The Al Barari community was designed with the Zaal family’s Arabic heritage in mind from its renowned beautiful gardens to the Islamic-inspired architecture fused wit…

I am in love with Fresh Air, Nature Green and the Dark Woods

Before I find it very hard to be happy, and I always had reasons to cry or to be worried about. Then after which a lot of changes took in my life ( which I would be describing it in my future blog posts)
changed me to a better version of myself and I kinda love myself much more.

The New Me :

The art of tidying up ( Yes from the renowed Mary Kondo, I too learned it). I always clear up my clutter and do that once every week. If you do not know about how miraculous this thing will change your life , the read about Konmari - the life changing magic of tidying up by Ms. Mary Kondo) I feel so fresh andmy thing are all in perfect places everytime. Nothing that Then I deactivated my facebook and instagram ( A million worth thing I did that restored my happiness and peace)Cut the friends to 1 or 2, I didnt just cut, I sit and reviewed my life, like a movie reel played back and found most of them are just junk pieces of emptiness. Not loyal, not positive, just there for nothing.So I deleted and…

Exotic Flora & Fauna at Dubai Green Planet - A happiness rich place

Ticket cost 90 aed ( I got it directly from there , so no discounts on the tickets, but you may check on groupon, cobone sites were you might get some offers here) I was pretty much excited from the moment I heard about green planet in City Walk, Dubai.
She is the first person who you will see as soon as you enter, she sits there , jumping from one branch to another but not flying or moving very fast. I think she was just awake when me and my friends arrived. I was excited to see a bird freely sitting at the reception area without nobody watching her or controlling her behaviors. They are just free :)

When I got it I looked up and understood that the green planet is an artificial rainforest and has three floors ( layers on on top of each other) You will start from a water pond with variety of fish. Taking the lift upward will take you to the below floor. Where you see an entire big tree inhabited by various species of animal kingdom.It is not like a zoo where they are caged, but free…